Ways to Deal with Frequent Plumbing Repairs

Frequent plumbing repairs on a house may be a sign of defective polybutylene piping. There are billions of homes that were constructed with bad piping. Once the problem is identified, homeowners often pay the price. In addition to frequent repairs due to leaks and bursting pipes, insurance premiums are higher and the owner may have to cover the cost of replacing the pipes before the home can be sold. Homeowners with defective polybutylene pipes have a few options, depending on where they are located. Many chose to pay for repairs and replacements little by little as issues arise. That solution may be easier to budget, but will not avoid the higher insurance costs.

Those dealing with defective polybutylene atlanta can benefit from a permanent fix called Repipe. The turnkey solution is more cost-effective, and less time consuming, than replacing pipes as they leak or break. The process involves replacing or by-passing the existing potable water distribution system in the finished house. Experts will by-pass or replace the pipes, bring the water system up to current building codes, and rebuild any access created to install the new piping. That will include repairing any wall boards, and matching the paint color to restore the appearance of the room.

The process takes approximately three to five days, and occupants do not have to vacate the premises while work is being completed. Free estimates are available, and there is a twenty-five year transferable warranty on the pipes and labor. Once the work is completed, insurance premiums should return to normal rates. Homeowners can compare the total costs of dealing with the defective pipes to the estimate for polybutylene pipe replacement cost to determine which option will save the most time and money.

Homeowners who are planning on selling their homes can benefit from the flexible payment options. The company has successfully worked with real estate agents, sellers, and buyers to develop delayed payment plans. That allows the cost of replacement to come out of closing proceeds instead of out of pocket. Working within the constraints of the transaction is also not a problem. Residential pipe replacement is offered in several metropolitan areas using this fast and effective system. If defective piping has not been identified as the cause of frequent repairs, ask the plumber for an assessment of the condition of the pipes. There are other materials that can cause defective pipes as well. Determining the root cause of the problem can help save time and money.

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